E-cigarettes ‘as effective’ as nicotine patches

Electronic cigarettes seem to be at least as successful as nicotine patches in assisting individuals to quit smoking, research suggests.

The products, that are fast growing in popularity, produce a vapour containing nicotine.

The findings, presented in the European Respiratory Society, revealed similar numbers stopping with e-cigarettes as patches, but more had decrease.

There clearly was a call, however, for long-term data on safety.

Also as giving a nicotine hit, the e-cigarettes also mimic the sensory sensations of smoke. This has led to speculation that they may be a helpful tool for people wanting to stop.

The first clinical trial was conducted by a team at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, comparing the devices with nicotine patches in 657 people.

The results published within the Lancet demonstrated 7.3% using e-cigarettes had quit after six months compared with 5.8% using patches. But, the study did not demand enough folks to definitively prove that is the better alternative.
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The key message is that in the specific context of minimal support, e-cigarettes are at least as successful as nicotine patches. ”

Prof Peter Hajek Queen Mary University of London

After six months, however, the 57% of e-cigarette users had halved the number of cigarettes smoked each day compared with 41% in those using patches.
‘Raising popularity’

Prof Chris Bullen, in the University of Auckland, said: “While our results do not reveal any clearcut distinctions between e-cigarettes and patches concerning ‘quit success’ after 6 months, it surely appears that e-cigarettes were more effective in helping smokers who didn’t quit to reduce.

“It is also interesting the individuals who took part in our study seemed to be far more excited about e-cigarettes than patches.

“Given the growing prevalence of these devices in several nations, as well as the accompanying regulatory uncertainty and inconsistency, larger, longer-duration trials are urgently needed to determine whether these devices may manage to fulfil their potential as effective and well-known smoking-cessation aids.”

Laws all over the world are catching up with the upsurge within the appeal of e-cigarettes. The United Kingdom and also the European Union are both working towards regulating e-cigarettes in exactly the same way as medicines.

Opinion is also divided by the products with some arguing they normalise smoking and others saying they might help folks to quit.

Prof Peter Hajek, the director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London, explained the analysis as “pioneering”.

“The key message is the fact that in the specific context of minimum support, e-cigarettes are at least as successful as nicotine patches.

“E-cigarettes are also more captivating than patches to many smokers, and can be accessed in most states without the restrictions around medications that affect nicotine replacement therapy or the costly involvement of health care professionals.

“These advantages imply that e-cigarettes have the possibility to raise rates of smoking cessation and reduce prices to quitters and to health services.”

But he did demand longer-term studies into the consequences of using the products.

You may hear more from Prof Chris Bullen on Discovery to the BBC World Service.E-cigarettes ‘as effective’ as nicotine patches

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Young People Use E-Cigarette

Require a primer on e-cigarettes to know the importance of the newest findings? They’re battery-powered devices that on average distribute nicotine and other chemicals within an aerosol. While customers do not light e-cigarettes, they normally use it within the same manner whilst the conventional varieties. Several manufacturers also seem like the cigarettes, while some seem more advanced. Mc-afee describes them as just ‘nicotine delivery devices.’

U.S. Information spoke with Mc-afee about the importance of the statement and about e-cigarettes. His reactions have now been modified.

Although they’ve fewer toxins inside them than main-stream cigarettes, they’re perhaps not safe, and they’ve degrees of toxins that we-don’t learn about because they’re unregulated.

They’re likely to get accustomed to the concept that it’s cool to create a white tube as much as their mouth and pull on it. They’re going to see advertisements that look sexy; they’re going to see older role-models using these. And so long as cigarettes continue being common in our culture, we’re very, very concerned this could ultimately end up getting more individuals smoking cigarettes than less. And that is especially worrisome with childhood. The final problem is nicotine. There’s growing evidence that contact with nicotine in adolescence has adverse effects on brain development.

Any ideas on why more young adults are smoking e-cigarettes?

Since they’re unregulated, all of the efforts that both culture and, to some degree, the tobacco producers themselves have undertaken within the last two decades to diminish youth initiation of cigarettes don’t affect e-cigarettes. Plus, nearly all states don’t have limitations on the sales to children.

Would you give a few specific types of the marketing of e-cigarettes that’s might be adding to more youngsters smoking them?

Visit YouTube and just enter e-cigarettes, and you’ll quickly see both what’s being done informally in addition to what’s being done formally by a few of the companies. For instance, there was recently a Jenny McCarthy advertisement that was released. Several advertisements are incredibly well-done and make use as though they improve social relationships, and look glamorous and attractive. This really is all traditional substance these were [advertised] on the tobacco industry employed for cigarettes back.

Once more, the e-cigarette marketing frequently associates its use with kinds of goals, much like the type of marketing the tobacco business used to double women’s smoking in the 1960s and 70s. Now we’re now seeing advertisements for e-cigarettes that are related to liberty and freedom that are equally sophisticated and blatant.

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Claiming E-Cigs ‘Worse Than Smoking’

The post, that was printed both within the Mail On Sunday in publications and on the Daily Mail site in January, made statements that supposed experts had bizarrely stated that electronic cigarettes may really cause more damage than smoke.

The controversy arose after the allegedly-quoted claim within the headline (“E-Cigarettes ‘can cause more damage than smoking,’ experts say”) and opening paragraph wasn’t supported to any such estimate from researchers, experts or health teams.

Clive Bates, the former manager for ASH, said on his site: “No experts have said this because this isn’t accurate. The post doesn’t even help its (fictitious) assumption.”

He added: “A grossly erroneous narrative in this way might have real impacts on human welfare whether it discourages individuals from [switching to e-cigarettes].”

The apology said: “We do not know of any specialists who hold this view compared to the dangers of cancer, cardiovascular disease and lung injury from actual cigarettes. We apologise for any contrary proposition.”

The e-cigarette business can chalk this down like a win, although the apology might be less notable than the first post. Here at VIP Electronic Smoke we’ve talked at length before about how misrepresented or just baseless information posts can damage the e-cigarette industry in addition to posing dangers to public-health.

The proven fact the Daily Mail heard PCC complaints and reader comments and removed the post, in addition to issuing an apology and retraction, is unquestionably a good for the way the e-cig business is represented within the press. But, the reality remains the article was printed in the very first place along with the first article was much more prominent than the apology.

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French teenage girls smoke more than boys

Average in regards to a third of teens between 15 and 10 years smokes or has ever smoked. This high amount is chiefly because of the lasses. Up to 35 per cent have previously a cigarette ever increased, in contrast to 31 when it comes to boys. Also reaching the girls generally quicker hooked on tobacco.

On Average, a lad the very first time in connection with a smoke when he could be six months and 11 years. The girls begin somewhat later, specifically once they are 12, however they do appear to test compared to the boys. More and frequently They have been undoubtedly more interesting.

Also noteworthy was that only 1 / 2 of the girls ceased testing after their very first contact with all the smoke. For boys this percent is marginally higher, at 60%.

Anxiety and small line

The FFC also attempted to determine why the girls catch the smoke the grounds. A survey found that just more than 60% of girls mentioned stress as the chief cause, while 20% said they hope to not thicken thanks towards the smoke.
The amounts are certainly greater than those of great Britain. Because the amount of young smokers fell by five per cent in the year 2012. The past five years the amount of adolescent smoking even dropped from 30 to 20 per cent.

For holland and Belgium we don’t have numbers, but we guess these come in somewhere in the center.

Nevertheless frightening in UK may be the proven fact that much more and more adolescent mom during pregnancy carry on smoking. They expect this infant is going to be smaller and childbearing will go easier. A trend that people completely reject.

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E-Cigarette Sales Continue to Rise

In 2002 e-cigarettes were getting somewhat famous europe and had yet to get to america. Now, a decade after it’s getting one of the largest businesses in The usa. Businesses like V2 Cigs (who did not exist until 2006) are reporting 22-million in national revenue. A press conference was held by the Safe Cig last March to declare that they’re now averaging 1 million units annually sold.

Why is this even more notable is the reality that all this is happening during the worst economic crisis this nation has faced since the great depression. Should you actually stop and consider that for a minute, you cannot help but be astounded. It only goes to show everybody that whatever the surroundings, a great and truly advanced product will usually find ways to triumph.

Because e-cigarettes show us that success is continually possible, so dream the impossible dream people, rather than cease being innovative. What’s even better is that ecigarette CEO’s get to generate income and also make society a better location.

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Safety of Cigarettes

The media feeds on negativity. A story about trace quantities of the carcinogen found within an e-cigarette is considerably more prone to be covered widely and disseminated into community understanding than ones-which reveal them all to be no more harmful than nicotine gum or patches. Resistance from anti smoking groups, tobacco companies and nicotine-replacement therapy makers plays in the control of scaremongers, but the true facts are revealed by numerous scientific studies, untainted by prejudice and misinformation.

Primarily, it’s essential to notice that e-cigs are a comparatively new phenomenon, having just been found in 2003. It’s plain that more study must be done within their results prior to any actually definitive conclusions might be reached. There isn’t any proof of the effects of e-cigs, but the studies which were conducted supply no reasonable grounds to be worried, especially in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. Essentially, e-cigs supply vaporized nicotine in pure type.

Cigarettes Contain Over 4000 Chemicals. Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain around 5,000 identified compounds, and Boston University researcher Michael Siegel estimates that there might be up-to around 100,000 that are yet to be recognized. Several are carcinogens, which Molotov cocktail of toxins is accountable for the various well documented dangers of smoking. E-cigarettes, in the flip side, comprise nicotine, propylene glycol (or vegetable glycerine) and a few popular foods flavorings.

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The Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

To day, there’s not been much done within the method of study regarding e-cigs as well as their security. There are a lot of reasons people have a tendency to utilize e-cigarettes over normal types.

  • E-cigs don’t get the over 4,000 carcinogens identified with normal cigarettes.
  • People may pick the nicotine level they desire.
  • E-cigs don’t create any carbon monoxide, which may be harmful for the lungs and ozone layer.
  • E-cigs don’t burn.
  • Is It Worthwhile: 7 Potential Risks Of E-cigs
  • No little research can demonstrate the 100 percent security of e-cigs. And, due to that, there remain some risks users must be conscious of.


  • Some manufacturers might have as an ingredient Diethylene Glycol
  • This element is recognized as an antifreeze element and it is harmful to individuals particularly supposing it’s inhaled.
  • E-cigs still have deadly elements
  • The cause nitrosamines have been in e-cigs as a result of nicotine.
  • E-cigs have nicotine
  • Nicotine remains within cigarette.
  • kids and Nonsmokers like them
  • Since e-cigs have many different flavors – apple, java, orange, strawberry and more – kids and nonsmokers might feel it’s a great product. These items are also available in colorful packages, which capture the interest of the young people.
  • Defective components or abuse may lead to issues
  • It could lead to serious injuries, when the unit is abused. An instance of the risk is found in Florida. Once the cigarette he was using exploded a person endured both severe bodily and property damage. Researchers said the offender was the device’s defective batteries, that are lithium powered. A fault in them might be risky to customers.
  • Inferior cartridges that escape can damage the skin
  • Just how many things have you ever bought affordable that didn’t do nicely for you? Exactly the same point applies – don’t buy affordable, knockoff brands, as it pertains to unfamiliar manufacturers of e-cig.
  • Some people have an intolerance for the propylene glycol

Consequently, if a man plans on using e-cigs , and it has an intolerance for this ingredient, it’s far better try to find an alternate e-cigarette ingredient like vegetable glycerinebased juice.

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